Taylor Outside wood or coal stove


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Taylor Stove Guts

(1) Water Return (7) Thick Tank Ends
(2) Rear Clean Out (8) Domestic Hot Water Coil
(3) Heat Supply Line (9) Stainless Steel Flue Pipes
(4) Domestic Hot Water (10) Front Clean Out
(5) Water Supply (11) Large Durable Carbon Steel Firebox
(6) Posi-Seam Foam Insulated Sealed Edges& Seams (12) Stainless Steel Water Tank

Convenient, Clean and Efficient Heat You Can Count on Year After Year

  Taylor,s recessed stack design gives more room for loading .while it decreases cresote cleanup. The Taylor Stove features an oversizied firebox door that stretches across the width of the unit for easy wood loading and ash removal. Its carbon steel door is heavily insulated and stronger than cast iron which allows it to stand up to changes in temperature. For added durability, Taylor builds a stainless steel water tank bottom, flue pipe and stack. The Taylor Stove tank and clean out plugs make annual maintenance a breeze. With minimum effort your Taylor Stove will provide many years of dependable trouble free service.

Taylor Firebox

(A) Attractive Painted Steel Sides

(So well insulated,its cool  to the  touch)

(E) Large Carbon Steel Easy Open Door

(For easy loading of large pieces of wood)

(B) Posi-seal Insulation System

(Ensures low heat loss because there are no seams)

(F)Demand Burn Auto Draft System

(Allows for secondary gas combustion and lessens formation for quick heating response)

(C) Recessed Stainless Steel Stack

(more loading room burns off creosote)

(G)Stainless Steel Tank Bottom

(resists rust and corrosion)

(D)Double-Pass Stainless Steel Flue System

(Transfers more heat so you burn less wood)

(H) Raised Stand

(Ease of loading your firebox)


Taylor Stoves Hot Air Connection (Duct work)

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Models: T-450H, T750H,T1000
Parts & Supplies: Quest Pipe,Chemicals, Heat Exchangers,etc

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