Legend New and Improved

New  and Improved Standard Features

--304 stainless steel tank bottom ( 14 ga.)
--304 stainless steel flue tube  ( 14 ga. )
--304 stainless steel flue return tube  ( 14 ga. )
--304 stainless steel return box  ( 10 ga. )
--304 stainless steel exhaust box  ( 10 ga. )
--304 stainless steel double wall insulated stack pipe ( 8" X 24") with cap
--3/16" carbon steel firebox
--3/16" carbon steel tank front and back
--12 ga. Carbon steel tank sides and top
--2" double foil side insulation board
--baked on enamel paint corrugated metal siding
--siding installed vertically not horizontal
--siding installed on rigid metal frame attached to unit
--baked on enamel paint corner and gable trim
--hi-temp refractory filled doors ( load door, back door, and exhaust door )
--doors have 1" recess to accommodate hi-temp door gasket
--front door  is equipped with easily removed stainless steel damper
--heater is mounted on double skids for ease in transport and installation
--forced air draft system mounted on front door
--temperature control for forced air draft system mounted on front
--toggle switch mounted on front to  control draft system and light fixture
--light fixture mounted on front cover
--water level indicator mounted on front
--3" diameter glass faced thermometer
--2" drain plug in front to allow access for flushing to rear
--4" cleanout in rear for ease in cleaning
--4   1" heat zones ( one is solar adaptable )
--2  domestic hot water coil outlets
--1  domestic hot water coil
--1  1/2" inlet for adding fresh water
--vent pipe is located on back corner out of service area
--chemical additive for water to inhibit rust
--sacrificial anode rod for water tank
--cleaning kit for rountine maintenance
--electric Flapper
--Back door on hinges ( hides pumping )
--Fire Box door preheats air ( baffle in door )

OUTSIDE Wood or Coal Stove

1232 Old 22
Lenhartsville, Pa 19534
United States

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