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Qest Heat Pipe, Heat Exchangers, Blowers, Fans,Gaskets, Chemicals,
Insulation, Circulator Pumps

Taylor Stove Parts and Supplies

order#      Description                                          Wt. Price          


1D5627 Draft Blower T-450             4C443  100CFM 4 $104.99
1D5628 Draft Blower T-750 &T-500  4C446 185CFM 6 $108.29
1D5102 Draft Blower  T-1000           4C447 265CFM 9 $150.99
1D5634 Damper Teardrop  (side of blower) 1 $5.46

Maintenance Items

TC1 Water Guard --- (T-450 2 qts., T-750 3 qts., T-1000 4 qts.) 3 $35/qt.
ROD Anode Rod anti-corrosion 1 $29


1D5670 Furnace Thermometer 1 $43.65
1D5700 Aquastat (Hot Water Control) 1 $108.96
1D5700 Well replacement for Aquastat 1 $25.49
1D5629 Toggle Switch 1 $6.55


GSK Door Gaskets Fits all Doors     (Per Foot)   $2.98/ft.
RIV Rivets   $0.30
X12W Red Gaskets Old Style Domestic Coil   $2.50
40010G Black Gaskets  Inspection/Bung Cover   $8.00

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Pex Heat Pipe (1/2", 3/4" & 1"): 100ft., 300 ft. , 500 ft.& 1000 ft. rolls
Pex Heat Pipe (Two 1" Pex PreInsulated Pipe): 100ft.to 1000 ft. rolls
Qest Fittings:
Qest T Fittings:
Heat Exchanger Coils:
Heat Exchangers w/Fan & Box: complete w/fan and box
Water to Water Heat Exchanger: Converts Open system to Closed system
Wind Boxes and Blowers: (Used for Heat Exchangers)
Circulator Pumps: Taco and Bell&Gossett
Chimney:Double and Single Wall S/S
Domestic Hot water Coil:
Door Cement Refractory :
Oil and Gas Burners:
Clean Out Accessories: Brushes, Scrapers, Clean Out Kit
Insulation: (6 ft. Lenght)
Draft Blowers:T-450H, T750H.T-500CB, and T1000
Replacement Parts: Draft Flap ,Door Refractory
Crimp Tool and Pipe Cutter:
Smoke Tubes (Replacement): 304 S/S
Grates: T-500CB Coal Stove
Plumbing Fittings:Ball Valves
Radiant Floor Heat:

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