Installation Instructions

Please Read the following pages for installation instructions.

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page 1: Table of Contents
page 2: Planning
page 3: How fittings go together (pump)
page 4: 4" Drain Plug / Installing the Coil
page 5: installing the Coil
page 6: Add water valve
page 7: Add water valve
page 8: On the Back of Stove
page 9: Insulating pipe
page 10: Insulating pipe
page 11: Insulating pipe
page 12: Insulating pipe
page 13: Insulating pipe
page 14: Hooking up domestic hot water
page 15: Domestic hot water option
page 16: Making the Final Connections/Firing direction/Bleeding the system
page 17: Explanation of diagrams
page 18: Explanation of diagrams
page 19: Options and Standard Equipment
page 20: Installation of Thermostat/ Service Tips
page 21: Wiring
page 22: Maintenance/Cleaning out Flues/Ash Removal
page 23: Trouble Shooting Guide
page 24: Trouble Shooting Guide
page 25: Swimming Pool Heat
page 26: Basic Installation Diagram
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